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Ben Franklin Bridge Suspension Span & Anchorage Rehabilitation


Project cost: $216.9 Million
Construction phase: 2020-2024
Scheduled completion: Winter 2024

Project Description

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge is undergoing a major makeover! Five separate projects are being combined into one, tackling everything from steel repairs and cable dehumidification to walkway upgrades and snazzier lighting. This coordinated approach streamlines construction, minimizes disruptions to PATCO service, and extends the bridge’s lifespan for generations to come.

More technical:

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge is receiving a comprehensive overhaul through a unified construction project encompassing five distinct design initiatives. This strategic approach optimizes construction coordination and access across multiple work zones, accelerating project completion, enhancing work processes, and minimizing impacts on PATCO operations by enabling simultaneous work during track outages. The project’s core focus lies in repairing various steel components within the suspension spans, implementing a maintenance painting scheme, and installing a cutting-edge dehumidification system for the main cables. Additional work includes repairs and painting within the anchorages, extensive renovations of the North and South walkways, decorative lighting upgrades, and the expansion of the North walkway in Camden. Notably, critical suspension system components, including pin and link assemblies at both towers and anchorages, will be replaced using temporary bracing and jacking techniques. Wind lock assemblies will also be replaced, and lateral bracing repairs will be undertaken. Access to the suspended spans will be facilitated by specialized underbridge platforms, also serving as containment structures for painting operations. The main cable dehumidification scope involves constructing an enclosure within the Philadelphia Anchorage and installing a dedicated dehumidification system plant designed to pump air with a 40% or lower relative humidity through the main cables, thereby preserving their integrity and extending their service life.

Focus on user benefits:

Imagine an even more majestic and reliable Benjamin Franklin Bridge! That’s exactly what this comprehensive five-in-one project is all about. With improved steel structure, protected cables, refreshed walkways, and enhanced lighting, the bridge will not only look stunning but also serve the community far into the future. Enjoy smoother commutes, a more vibrant pedestrian experience, and the peace of mind knowing this essential connection is stronger than ever.

Project Phases

  • Design: Completed
  • Part 1: Main Cable Dehumidification
  • Part 2: Walkway Preservation
  • Part 3: Maintenance Painting and Steel Repairs
  • Part 4: Decorative Lighting Upgrade
  • Part 5: North Walkway Widening


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