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Toll Cost of Crossing the Ben Franklin Bridge

The Ben Franklin Bridge is a suspension bridge that spans the Delaware River, connecting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with Camden, New Jersey. It is one of the four primary vehicular bridges between the two cities. The bridge carries Interstate 676/U.S. Route 30, pedestrians/cyclists, and the PATCO Speedline.

Toll History

The Ben Franklin Bridge opened to traffic on July 1, 1926. The original toll for a car was $0.25. The toll has increased several times since then. The current toll for a car is $5.00.

Toll Table

Year Toll (Car)
1926 $0.25
1930 $0.50
1940 $0.75
1950 $1.00
1960 $1.50
1970 $2.00
1980 $3.00
1990 $4.00
2000 $5.00
2023 $5.00

Additional Information

  • The toll is collected westbound from New Jersey to Pennsylvania.
  • There is a discount for E-ZPass users.
  • There is a senior citizen discount.
  • Overweight trucks are charged a higher toll.


The toll for the Ben Franklin Bridge has increased significantly since the bridge opened in 1926. However, the bridge is still an important transportation link between Philadelphia and Camden.