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I-95 Collapse Impact

I-95 Collapse in Philadelphia Could Impact Ben Franklin Bridge Traffic

A portion of Interstate 95 collapsed in Philadelphia on Sunday morning, causing major traffic disruptions in the city and surrounding areas. The collapse occurred near the Cottman Avenue exit, and it closed both the northbound and southbound lanes of I-95.

The Ben Franklin Bridge is a major artery for traffic between Philadelphia and New Jersey. The bridge carries an average of 45,000 vehicles per day, and it is a popular route for commuters, tourists, and commercial traffic.

The collapse of I-95 could have a significant impact on traffic on the Ben Franklin Bridge. Commuters who normally use I-95 to travel between Philadelphia and New Jersey may be forced to use the bridge instead. This could lead to increased traffic congestion on the bridge, which could cause delays for drivers.

The collapse of I-95 could also have an impact on commercial traffic. The bridge is a major route for trucks carrying goods between Philadelphia and New Jersey. The increased traffic on the bridge could lead to delays for trucks, which could disrupt supply chains.

The full impact of the I-95 collapse on the Ben Franklin Bridge is still unknown. However, it is clear that the collapse could lead to increased traffic congestion and delays for drivers and businesses.

Here are some tips for drivers who may be affected by the I-95 collapse:

  • Plan ahead: If you are planning to travel between Philadelphia and New Jersey, be sure to plan ahead and allow extra time for your commute.
  • Consider alternate routes: If possible, consider using alternate routes to avoid the Ben Franklin Bridge.
  • Be patient: Traffic congestion is likely to be heavy, so be patient and courteous to other drivers.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is working to repair the damage to I-95. However, it is unclear how long the repairs will take. In the meantime, drivers should be prepared for traffic disruptions and delays.

Here is a link to updates from PennDOT’s official website where you can also see a live camera of crews working on the section that collapsed.